The best Snake Rings available on the market

All our Rings have been carefully handcrafted in order to offer you an irreproachable quality with very detailed finishes. If you are looking for an original and elegant ring with a unique style, our Snake Rings are made for you !

More than just rings, they are true masterpieces full of history and emotions that refer to the reptile with the strong symbolism, the Snake.

Possessing a Snake Ring not only adds elegance to your look, but also allows you to distinguish yourself from the “commonplace”. Indeed, by coming to Snake Lounge™ , you do not look like everyone else. You come here because you are unique and you want to assert your personality. Stop hiding your difference and show others that you are not like everyone else by wearing a Serpent Ring.

Snake Ring For Men

The snake conveys an image of power and calm. This is why we have created a range of Men’s Serpent Ring, which is very popular in our male community.

Our Stainless Steeel Snake Ring is a must-have for any man looking to take charge of his virility. With such a jewel around his finger, it will reflect the elegance of its wearer and bring out the wild animal in him.

The strong symbolism released by our beautiful Ouroboros ring is dedicated to a man looking for renewal in his daily life. Just like the cold-blooded ophidian who exudes a predatory presence, this magnificent ring will reflect the bestial and masculine side of its wearer.

Each model has its own design and is made of different materials. From the Sterling Silver Ring to the Snake Ring Gold, we offer a wide selection of Men’s Rings.

Snake Ring for Women

The Serpent is not only synonymous with power and virility. On the contrary, this reptile also represents glamour and seductive femininity with its light, sensual undulating shape. Our rings have very fine and subtle curves and wrap perfectly around the finger of a woman of character.

In a rather chic style, you will find our Diamond Snake Ring, a very trendy jewel in women’s fashion for years. It will know how to emphasize the beauty of its wearer by releasing a certain animal charm.

For women with a retro look, our Vintage Ring will add an extra feminine touch while remaining in the theme of your outfit.

A 14k Gold Ring will be more for a Bohemian style woman.

Finally, you will also find a wedding-ring for the love of your life.

The composition of our Snake Rings

Whether Sterling-Silver or Gemstones, our rings are all hypoallergenic. Our ring set is made with high quality Rhodium.

Our other Snake Jewelry

If you are looking for more Snake Jewellery to add to your collection, we also offer a large selection of Snake Necklaces, Bracelets and Earrings.

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