Normally, snakes are animals that scare people. However, these animals become very popular when worn in jewelry. The slender and elegant curves of this animal even make it a reference in the world of jewelry today.

In addition to complementing an outfit, snake jewelry are a symbol of ancient cultures. These fascinating reptiles have inspired many jewelers for years. They are not simple decorations, but jewelry with powerful symbolism that have crossed civilizations.

In this article, we propose to discover all the meanings of Snake Jewelry since their creation.

The snake in jewelry

An ancient symbol

Egyptian Snake Jewelry

The snake has been closely linked to Humans since antiquity. Its atypical shape was the perfect basis for making rings or necklaces.

The ancient Snake Jewelry being composed in large quantities of gold, it is not difficult to trace their origin.

These jewels were first found in the tomb of Tutankhamen in Egypt. Therefore, they are first linked to the ancient Egyptian civilization. Nevertheless, this is not the only civilization to have designed jewelry based on the snake.

Although the snake motif has always existed in jewelry, its symbolism has evolved through the ages, especially over the last 6 years. In ancient times, the snake represented wisdom and eternity. In the 19th century, it became the symbol of eternal love. It is only at the end of the 20th century that this animal became the symbol of real danger.

What Do Snake Jewelry Symbolize in Civilizations ?

To find the origin of these jewels in civilizations, we must go back thousands of years. Civilizations have seen in this reptile many meanings. On the one hand, it represented evil, poison, death and on the other hand good, rebirth or fertility. Even if some representations were negative, the majority were positive.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the meanings of the snake in the great civilizations:

For Pharaohs of Egypt, the snake embodied royalty and the divine. Many of them wore necklaces with their effigy around their necks

For the Greeks, the snake symbolized wisdom, especially because the God of Medicine, Asclepius, had a snake wrapped around his staff.

Rod of Ascelpius

For Romans, the snake represented many different things.

For Hindu, Native American and African-American peoples, the snake symbolized renewal, sexuality, desire and rebirth.

In Aztec and Mayan religions, certain gods were snake gods. They were often worshipped because they symbolized protection and knowledge.

To learn more about the symbolism of the snake, we invite you to read our article dedicated to this subject.

Following archaeological excavations, we can affirm that Snake Jewelry were very present in ancient civilizations, whether in bracelets, rings or necklaces.

Popularity of Snake Jewelry

The popularity of Snake Jewelry today comes in part from the fact that it was worn by very important people in the past.

Queen Victoria’s Ring

Queen Cleopatra is an iconic figure known for wearing a lot of jewelry, including Snake Jewelry. But it was in 1839 that Snake Jewelry found its most beautiful history. During the engagement between Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, the latter decided to offer her a ring in the shape of a snake to prove his eternal love.

This beautiful ring was set with an emerald, which was Victoria’s birthstone. At the time, it was traditional to give an engagement ring with the birthstone of the wearer. This gave birth to the Victorian style that we know today and gives a deep meaning to the jewel.

Snake Engagement Ring

This ring was so popular that it created a trend throughout the Monarchy, and then spread throughout Europe. As a result, a wide range of rings, necklaces and bracelets of various shapes set with precious stones was born.

At the beginning, these jewels were reserved for the “Elite” of the society, notably because of the precious stones they contained and the rarity of the jewels. But during the Industrial Revolution, these jewels evolved. They were manufactured in much larger quantities, which allowed for lower costs and better accessibility.

The most famous Snake Jewelry

Bijoutier Cartier’s most famous Serpent Necklace was made in 1968 by Maria Félix, a Mexican actress at the time. The platinum base was set with 2473 diamonds. A dream come true! The inner side was enameled in green, red and black to make the jewel reversible.

Snake Rings

From the 1940s until today, Bulgari luxury jewelry has applied a very specific technique on snake jewelry to make it unique. This method is called Tubogas. This jewelry company has created unique jewelry for international stars, such as the belt that turned into a necklace for Diana Vreeland, or the bracelet-watch for Elizabeth Taylor. In an article published by Dania Vreeland, who was at the time editor-in-chief of Vogue Magazine, she described Serpent Jewelry as a reference in jewelry.

To this day, that phrase has stuck with jewelry designers and collectors. The snake is a beloved and inspiring jewelry motif that will live forever.

Snake Ring Meaning

As mentioned earlier, the snake is a profound symbol of Mythology. Moreover, the body of the snake being “flexible” and able to take almost any shape, it was the perfect animal to adapt to any kind of jewelry. This is why it is so present in today’s jewelry.

The meanings of Snake Jewelry are numerous and vary according to many of the factors we have seen above. However, it is possible to give an interpretation to the three main types of Snake Jewelry, namely the Ring, the Necklace and the Bracelet.

A classic ring is already a symbolic element depending on the finger around which it is placed.

Throughout the ages, many blacksmiths have designed rings with the effigy of the snake. The different cultures have given a multitude of meanings to serpent rings.

Snake Rings Collection

Among the most famous, we have the eternal love, as Queen Victoria who was offered a Snake Ring during her engagement.

Another well known symbolism is that of power, especially in Egyptian and Oriental cultures. Indeed, the powerful rulers of the time often wore Snake Rings to show their power.

Finally, a last representation is that of the unity of body and mind.

At first, they were made from precious materials, such as gold or silver, which made them suitable for rich and powerful people.

Snake Bracelet Meaning

The Snake Bracelet is present in all civilizations. Not a single one of them was without this kind of jewel. They were already found in Ancient Egypt, even in the Mesopotamian civilization.

Contrary to the Ring and the Necklace which have rather spiritual meanings, the Bracelet has as for him rather physical meanings.

Snake Bracelets Collection

The Bracelet being attached to the wrist and thus linked to the arm, it represented the strength. It also symbolized the wisdom of its wearer.

The Snake Bracelet was also a symbol of transformation and resistance. At the time, many people close to death wore Snake Jewelry to symbolize their struggle. Those who had overcome difficult trials in their lives also represented this struggle through bracelets.

Finally, the Snake Bracelet symbolized skill, especially in Muslim populations where archers represented their dexterity with the bow through this jewelry.

If you find yourself in one of the above meanings, we suggest you take a look at our Snake Bracelet collection. There is something for every taste and culture.

Snake Necklace Meaning

Snake necklaces are the ones that were the least made compared to the Bracelet and Rings. However, they also have a strong spiritual symbolism, especially in the Nordic countries.

These jewels were often worn in order to protect their wearer against harmful things, but also to attract the favors of the deities.

Snake Necklaces Collection

The Snake Necklace was therefore a symbol of protection. Just as the snake is an animal that can be dangerous to defend itself, a necklace with this animal showed our ability to protect ourselves and those around us.

It can also symbolize the cunning of its wearer. This meaning is inspired by the snake which is a cunning and opportunistic animal that always knows when to strike.

The snake is also the universal symbol of balance between two opposites. Because of this, wearing a Snake Necklace demonstrates that the wearer has found their balance in the Cosmos.

Snake Lounge™, A brand inspired entirely by the Snake

Today, Snake Jewelry continues to evolve in the fashion world. On the one hand, they draw inspiration from the delicate curves of the animal to add an extra touch of femininity. On the other side, they take inspiration from the animal and aggressive side of the snake and add a manly note to the wearer.

At Snake Lounge™, we want to continue to convey this symbolism of the snake through our jewelry, while giving you a unique and elegant style. We select our products with care and take care to regularly renew our range to offer you always more choices.

On our website, you will find the largest selection of Snake Rings available on the market. Our numerous models are made from 925 Sterling Silver or Stainless Steel for a superior quality. There is something for everyone: some are set with emerald or Ruby, while others are set with diamonds.

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