What Do Snake Dreams Mean in Islam ?

The snake is an ancient and well-known symbol of palmistry. Its meaning is therefore very deep. It is interesting to be able to interpret its dreams because they tell us more about our life.

In this article we will analyze the different meanings and interpretations of the snake dream according to the Islamic religion.

Note: The dream of snakes is a very common phenomenon. If you have never heard of it, we invite you to read our article dedicated to the meaning of snake dream. This will give you the basics to better understand the following guide.

Islamic Meaning of Snakes in Dreams

Snake Interpretation in Dream Islam

In the Hadith, the snake dream has three main meanings: life energy, treachery and enemy.

It can also have other meanings, both positive and negative.

On the positive side, the snake in a dream in Islam represents healing and transformation. If you have already experienced this dream, it indicates that you will always be healthy.

On the negative side, dreaming of a snake symbolizes envy, deception, lust, swindling or evil.

Dreaming of animals or objects with a phallic shape (like the snake) can also represent your repressed sexual impulses, your sexual desire, your libido or your sexuality in general. In the theories of Freud and Jung, two renowned psychoanalysts, the erotic phallic symbol is very frequent.

Globally, Islam interprets the snake in a dream as a symbol of anxiety. It represents something or some event in your life that requires your attention.

Islamic Snake Dream Interpretation

 Snake in Dream Meaning Islam

There are several criteria to consider when interpreting a snake dream in Islam.

The first is the location in which your dream with the reptile takes place.

According to Ibn Sīrīn, the interpretation of your dream also depends on the current situation you are experiencing in your waking life.

The fear or passion that you have towards the snake is also a criterion that can influence the interpretation that you will make of your dream. Indeed, the fact that you are afraid of this animal will give a completely different meaning to your dream than someone who appreciates it.

Finally, it is also important to know what the snake represents in your culture.

Dreaming of a Snake in a Man in Islam

Snake Dream in man Islam

In a man, dreaming of a snake is a sign that friends or associates close to you are not as good as you imagine. Perhaps they are a bad influence on you or perhaps they are trying to harm you.

If you are bitten by the snake in your dream, it symbolizes your defeat against your opponents or against a disease. On the other hand, if you kill the animal, it means that you will emerge victorious. If it is one of your loved ones who bites himself in the dream, then it represents a future painful separation for you.

If a Muslim dreams of his wife eating a snake-shaped cucumber and she is pregnant in her waking life, it means that she will give birth to a girl. On the other hand, dreaming of a snake inside his wife’s breast represents a potential infidelity on his part.

Dream of a Snake in a Woman in Islam

Snake Dream in Woman Islam

For a Muslim woman, dreaming of a snake and being afraid of it shows your fear of men or sexuality.

As a woman, a snake bite in a dream symbolizes your attraction to a man around you. If the snake is black, it tells you that you should not fall for this man.

If you dream of a snake inside your breast, it means that you will soon be affected by disease.

A hard, straight snake in a dream refers to sexual frustration, usually a lack of orgasm. On the other hand, if you discover this snake by chance or wear it on you represents a recent sexual fulfillment.

For a woman, dreaming of a snake emerging from a hole in the ground represents the birth of a future child. On the other hand, a snake-shaped cucumber in a dream warns you that you are going to be pregnant.

Colored Snake in Dream Islam

The color of the snake is also a criterion for interpreting a snake dream. Indeed, the color is a message from your unconscious or subconscious that reveals a hidden feeling.

Black Snake In Dream Islam

Black Snake in Dream Islam

The black snake has a very important meaning in Islam. It embodies the generals of the army. To dream of a black snake is therefore synonymous with a strong enemy. But, if you see yourself possessing this snake in your vision, then you will become the leader of an army and have a lot of power.

A black snake can also symbolize that you do not act according to your logic, but according to your emotions. Add this to the phallic connotation of this animal, dreaming of one or more small black snakes represents your desire to maintain an unhealthy relationship (deception …).

Finally, the color black in a dream evokes your fear of committing yourself to your partner following bad experiences in the past that you can’t forget. It is therefore a warning of danger in your relationship.

White Snake In Dream Islam

White is the opposite of black, so dreaming of a white snake means you are dealing with a weak enemy. If you own this animal, then you will acquire fortunes in the years to come. It can also be a symbol of developed spirituality.

If you discover a white snake in your vision, it is a sign that you have not succumbed to an unhealthy temptation and that you have mastered your attraction to evil things. If you dream of killing this snake, this interpretation is even stronger.

Green Snake In Dream Islam

Green Snake in Dream Islam

Green stands for change, personal evolution or luck in your waking life.

A snake of this color also represents your energy or innate sexual desire.

Small green snakes in a dream symbolize your daily anxiety. If you dream of killing them, it means you have overcome these anxieties.

Brown Snake In Dream Islam

This snake color is associated with the phallus. It stands for a healthy relationship in your waking life that is bound to last for a long time.

Note: The beige snake has the same interpretation

Grey Snake In Dream Islam

Grey Snake in Dream Islam

The grey snake represents a harmful person who is part of your environment but you have not noticed. Take this vision as a warning to be careful with the people around you.

Pink Snake In Dream Islam

The pink snake symbolizes your low energy level in your life.

Golden Snake In Dream Islam

Golden Snake in Dream Islam

A golden Snake in a dream is a sign that you will discover a hidden treasure very soon, whether it is material or spiritual.

Red Snake In Dream Islam

A Red Snake in a dream means a dangerous passionate relationship. It could be sexual urges or fantasies that you have not yet fulfilled, which leads to a high sense of frustration, so much so that you could succumb to another unhealthy temptation.

Yellow Snake In Dream Islam

Yellow Snake in Dream Islam

According to the Quran, dreaming of a yellow snake in Islam is a sign of a better financial situation following recent changes in your life.

Orange Snake In Dream Islam

The orange snake in Islam is considered a sign of a lack of balance in your waking life. If you see an orange snake in your life, it is a sign that someone is trying to harm your balance.

Blue Snake In Dream Islam

Blue Snake in Dream Islam

Seeing a blue snake in a vision symbolizes the affection and gentleness you feel for your partner.

A blue snake also represents the trust you have in your partner.

Transparent Snake In Dream

This dream has a spiritual interpretation. This vision represents a great turning point in your spiritual life. The negative things you have been holding in your mind are gradually fading away to make room for better thoughts.

Multicolored Snake In Dream

  • Red and Black Snake in Dream Islam: A sign that your partner is harmful to you on a moral and physical level.
  • Black and Yellow Snake in Dream: Your partner could be harmful to you. Beware of his behavior.
  • Black and Green Snake in Dream: A sign that you may not be with the right person. Question your relationship.
  • Green and Yellow Snake in Dream: Symbolizes creative passion, love of knowledge and love of your beloved one in the respect of the Islamic religion.
  • Red and White Snake in Dream: You are facing a difficult sentimental choice.
  • Orange and White Snake in Dream: Your spirituality has evolved positively and therefore, your personal balance as well.

Snake that Attacks in Dream

This dream can be interpreted in different ways:

Snake Trying to Attack In Dream Islam

Snake Attack in Dream Islam

If in your vision you are being attacked by the snake, it means that one of your enemies will try to harm you very soon. If the animal is black, your enemy is someone powerful.

Seeing many snakes attacking each other represents the many people who are harming you. However, since the reptiles are fighting, it means that your enemies are not getting along and therefore, their chances of harming you are unlikely to succeed. This dream should also be seen as a warning to identify these people to prevent them from getting to you.

A snake that coils around you is a sign of a powerless position on your part. However, if the snake bites you, it indicates that you will gain a position of power.

Snake Bite In Dream Islam

Being bitten by a snake is considered a prediction in Islam. It can be related to problems with your family, friends or work colleagues for example.

If you are bitten on the hand by a snake and you feel pain during your dream, it means that an enemy will hurt you as much as the bite of the reptile. If this vision makes you feel fear or despair, then people around you will hurt you and betray you in the future.

However, if you do not feel any pain from the snake bite, it is a sign that you can deal with the people who want to harm you.

If you see a snake bite another person or see venom in your dream, it symbolizes that a friend of yours will be hurt and criticized soon. And maybe you will be the cause of it…

Water Snake in Dream Islam

Islam interprets the dream of a snake in the water as a representation of your emotions or feelings that influence your daily life without you realizing it. It may also symbolize your fears or threats as well as your potential emotional healing.

The snake in the water is also related to money and spiritual knowledge.

Islam also sees this vision as a sign from Allah that he wants you to make amends for an unjust action you have done. If the snake drowns, it could symbolize a divine verdict that will come if you don’t fix this mistake.

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Dreaming of Killing a Snake

This dream is a positive sign, and all the more so if the snake you kill is white because it represents your domination over an enemy. It can also be seen as a help from Allah that erases the difficulties you are facing.

If you kill a black snake and your hands are full of blood, it means that you have destroyed a powerful enemy.

If snakes are being killed in your vision, it is a premonitory sign of war.

If you kill a green snake, then you or someone close to you is about to get married.

Dead Snake in Dream Islam

Dead Snake in Dream Islam

In Islam, the vision of a dead snake symbolizes a dark and unconscious energy. It may refer to an aspect of your life that you reject, that you do not recognize or a quality that is underdeveloped.

Therefore, the snake could represent a feeling or emotion that you are missing. If you dream of several dead snakes, it is because you have several deficiencies.

Dreaming of a Snake with another Animal Islam

Dreaming of Snake and Spider

In a dream, the spider represents either a woman guilty of adultery or a weak and distant man.

This animal combined with the snake represents people you don’t know are trying to harm you.

If in your sleep these two animals fight, it is a sign that their malice will soon be revealed.

Dreaming of Snake and Crocodile Islam

Snake and Crocodile in Dream Islam

In Islam, the alligator symbolizes a knowledgeable person who guides people out of the darkness into the prophetic light. In this case, the snake embodies the evil that tries to counter the alligator.

Dreaming of Snake and Dog Islam

In dreams, the dog is a symbol of friendship and loyalty. If, in your vision, the snake attacks the dog, it represents a loss of trust in a close friend or person.

Dreaming of Snake and Cat Islam

The cat symbolizes independence and autonomy. The snake is synonymous with deception and betrayal. Therefore, to see a cat fighting with a snake symbolizes two personal emotions fighting a duel.

Dreaming of Snake and Rat Islam

Sometimes the snake turns into a rat in a dream, which is positive. This is because it represents your enemies who are trying to pass themselves off as friends but will be reduced to rats so they can no longer harm you.

Dreaming of Snake and Lion Islam

Lion and Snake in Dream Islam

Such a dream shows fears and worries that lurk within you threaten you. The lion represents the force that leads you to self-destruction. Overcoming the obstacles and challenges that come your way will ensure your well-being.

Dreaming of a Particular Snake

Dreaming of a Species of Snake

The species of snake you dream about is a criterion that can vary the interpretation of your vision.

  • The Inland Taipan represents thieves.
  • The dream of a viper is often associated with deceptions
  • The dream of a rattlesnake is often synonymous with a betrayal of a person you trust. If you only perceive the sound of the snake’s rattle, it means that you can see it coming. The snake may also bite you, in which case it symbolizes an argument.
  • Rattlesnake in Dream Islam
  • The Cobra in a dream refers to a woman who is going to get close to you to tempt you. Be careful not to fall into the trap.
  • The dream of a Boa or Anaconda is a sign of bad omens that will happen soon in your life. If you kill this reptile, then it becomes a positive vision because it is a sign that you will overcome the difficulties you will face soon.
  • Islam associates the dream of a Python with that of a black snake, namely the representation of a powerful enemy.

Big Snake In Dream Islam

Big Snake in Dream Islam

The bigger the snake in a dream, the bigger it will be and therefore it will mean danger.

In Islam, dreaming of a giant snake represents the passionate love you have for someone.

To dream of a small snake symbolizes the happiness that awaits you. This may be related to your work, your love relationship or your life in general.

If you see a small harmless snake, then it represents a child.

If this small snake is hiding in your clothes, it is a sign of a future illness.

Harmless Snake In Dream Islam

If you dream of controlling a snake, it symbolizes great confidence.

A domestic or harmless snake in a dream symbolizes your ability to overcome difficult times.

Dreaming of a multi-headed Snake

Two Headed Snake in Dream Islam

Two-headed snakes exist but are very rare. Only one in 10,000 snakes is two-headed. This kind of snake represents two difficult choices that you are faced with

A three-headed snake is a sign of changes in your waking life.

To see a snake without a head is interpreted as a refusal on your part to recognize a dangerous situation.

To dream of snake eyes refers to a secret that you are not aware of and that you are about to uncover.

Dreaming of a Snake egg

Snake Eggs in Dream Islam

This vision symbolizes a problem or fear that you are facing that will not go away.

Dreaming of a Special Snake

  • Burning Snake In Dream Islam: Its appearance in a dream can be interpreted as a sign that you need to analyze your opponent to better fight him.
  • A snake that speaks and tells you kind words is a sign that you will take advantage of your opponent’s weaknesses. If its words are harsh, then it means that you will suffer from the power and oppression of your enemy.
  • A flying snake symbolizes problems in your life that you are having trouble dealing with.
  • A snake that molts means renewal of the energies that are affecting you.
  • A snake with Feet and Hands embodies your enemy and tells you that he has great resources.
  • A sleeping snake symbolizes your sleeping enemy.

Coiled Snake in Dream Islam

  • A coiled snake means a lack of order in your sex and energy life.
  • A hissing snake in a dream is a warning of a threat from someone around you.

Eating Snake Meat in Dream Islam

In a dream, eating a cooked snake symbolizes taking money from your enemy, or having your enemy give you money.

Eating a live or raw snake is a sign that your enemy will be absent on the day of confrontation.

Overall, Islam considers the dream of a snake in one’s mouth as a representation of the advantage you will take over your enemy, or even destroy him for good.

Dreaming of a Snake in a Particular Moment

Seeing a Snake in Dream During Pregnancy in Islam

Snake Dream when Pregnant Islam

If you are pregnant and you dream of a snake, it is a sign of a possible conflict between your conscious mind and your instinctive mind.

In this situation the snake may represent habits or behavioral patterns that are directed at you because of your pregnancy.

Dreaming of a Snake during Ramadan

If a snake appears in one of your dreams during the period of Ramadan, it symbolizes the fact that you succumbed to temptation by breaking the fast.

However, if you run away from the snake in your dream, then you are able to resist the temptation during this blessed time.

Dreaming of a Snake in your Home in Islam

Dreaming of a Snake in your Home

If you frequently dream of a snake in your home, it represents someone in your household who is about to harm your family, financial situation or security. This does not mean that you should view your loved ones negatively, but simply that you should try to create a healthier relationship with your family.

Snake On Bed In Dream Islam

Snake on Bed in Dream Islam

Dreaming of a snake in bed refers to a future sexual relationship that you are about to have with a person who is harmful to you.
If it is a cobra in your bed, it warns you that you need to reinvent your sexuality with your partner in your waking life, otherwise you may get bored.

Dreaming about interacting with a snake

Fighting Snake In Dream Islam

Fighting Snake in Dream Islam

In a dream where you are fighting a snake, the animal represents your enemy. To come out victorious against this reptile is therefore synonymous with victory over your enemy.
If you manage to kill or control the snake, it means that you are able to face all the threats that will come your way.

Snake Chasing In Dream Islam

Being chased by a snake in a dream represents a situation or person that you are trying to avoid because it is causing you great stress.

It can also be interpreted as a sign that an evil person is watching you.

Snake Running Away in Dream Islam

If you see a snake running away in your dream, it means that a malevolent person is leaving your life or gradually moving away. If the animal is in a cage and manages to run away, then you will never see this individual again.

Dreaming of holding a Snake Islam

Holding a Snake in Dream Islam

If you see yourself handling snakes in your dream, then you are able to use strategies to overthrow your enemies.

Dreaming of being afraid of or running away from a Snake Islam

In psychoanalysis, dreaming of being afraid of a snake without seeing it symbolizes the apprehension you have towards something that will never happen in your life. On the other hand, if you see the snake, it means that what you are apprehensive about will happen very soon.

Overall, this kind of dream can be interpreted as a fear of a situation or person in your life. Perhaps you are terrified of facing your boss or a particular situation. Take this fear of this reptile as an incentive to face your fears.

Dreaming about vomiting a Snake Islam

Vomiting Snake in Dream Islam

Vomiting a snake in a dream is a sign of distance from your enemies, death or evil in general.

Dreaming of Stepping on Snakes Islam

If you see yourself stepping on snakes in your dream, then you are afraid of disease. If you get bitten by them, you are about to succumb to your enemies.

If you see yourself stepping on snakes while wading or swimming, it is a sign that future problems are coming into your life at the most unexpected times.

Dreaming of kissing a Snake Islam

Kissing a Snake in Dream Islam

Kissing a snake in a dream symbolizes a forbidden sexual temptation. The snake often represents a prostitute or a mistress. This interpretation applies to both men and women.

Dreaming of possessing a Snake Islam

Having a snake in a dream represents your power and authority in your waking life.

Owning a snake without being afraid of it symbolizes your ability to exercise power and possess many properties. The larger the snake, the greater the size of your properties.

Dreaming of a Snake coming out of a body Islam

A snake coming out of the anus, vagina, ear or any other orifice of a human body is a warning of a sin you are about to commit.

This sight can also be interpreted as a sign that your children are about to walk away from you.

Other possible interactions with a Snake in a dream

  • Finding a snake in a dream means that you will unmask a malevolent person around you.
  • Chasing a snake in a dream symbolizes deception or trickery towards an enemy.
  • To see a person wearing snake skin means that he or she will reveal his or her hostility to the world.

Dreaming of becoming a Snake Islam

If you turn into a snake in your dream, then you despise your religion.

This dream can also be synonymous with problems that you will face soon.

Seeing your body take on the appearance of the snake shows that you are not hiding your animosity or hatred. If you are half man, half snake, then you are capable of defeating half your enemy.

Dreaming of a Snake during a Prayer Islam

Snake when Praying in Dream Islam

If you are interrupted by a snake while praying in your dream, take this vision as a warning to your partner or children. A danger could harm them.

In Islam, this kind of dream can also represent a sin that you committed before you fell asleep. Make amends quickly as this action always has consequences.

Dreaming of many Snakes Islam

In Islam, having a dream in which snakes appear everywhere or dreaming of several vipers is seen as an omen.

If these snakes come close to you, then problems are about to enter your life.

If the snakes are moving away from you, then this vision is positive because all the bad that could have happened to you is fleeing.

If the snakes invade your garden, it means that its trees will bring a better harvest than they normally would. A field covered with snakes is a sign of a destructive rain. But this rain is necessary because after it comes the good weather.

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So now you know all the meanings and interpretations of snake dreams in Islam. You will have understood that these visions are not necessarily perceived negatively in the Muslim religion.

If you have any other questions related to this topic, please feel free to ask us in the comment space. We would be delighted to answer them. Otherwise, we have other articles related to this topic that might interest you, such as the one on the symbolism of the snake.

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