You’ve probably seen snakes of gigantic proportions in movies and stories. Although the representations of these animals may seem exaggerated, some snakes are indeed “huge” in the real world. In this article, we have gathered the ten largest snakes in the world.

10. King Brown Snake (Pseudechis Australis)

King Brown Snake

Also called Mulga Snake, this snake from Australia is a venomous species belonging to the family Elapidae. The longest recorded specimen of this species is 8ft (2.5m), although the average size is between 6.5ft and 10ft (2 and 3m).

There are much more venomous species in Australia, but this reptile makes up for this with very violent bites and a habit of chewing its prey and injecting large amounts of venom.

Its venom is not very neurotoxic and attacks mainly blood cells and muscle tissue. In short, you don’t feel very well after its bite.

In this classification, this species is the only one among the venomous snakes that is not known to be docile and calm. In short, it must certainly be always aggressive and in a bad mood.

9. King Cobra (Ophiophagus Hannah)

King Cobra

Much appreciated by snake charmers, the King Cobra is a species very well known for “dancing” to instrumental music. On the other hand, it is also (and especially) known for its danger. Indeed, it is considered as the longest venomous snake in the world, with a size that can reach 16ft (5m).

Its attack position is also well known. You know, that famous snake that straightens a third of its body while unfolding its hood to show that it is preparing to attack. For those who still haven’t understood that it is ready to jump on you, it also hisses with an attack.

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Native to the forests of Southeast Asia, it is one of the few species in the world to build a nest for its eggs and defend it fiercely.

Although it is the longest snake in the world, its venom is far from being the most toxic. Indeed, it is not its poison but the quantity it is able to inject that makes it such a dangerous animal. It is able to deliver up to 45ml of venom per bite, which is enough to kill about twenty people.

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8. Black Mamba (Dendroaspis Polylepis)

Black Mamba

This one also has a good record among venomous snakes. Indeed, it is the longest venomous species in Africa, and the second longest venomous snake in the world.

The longest reported specimen measured nearly 13ft (4m), although they average size is between 6.5ft and 10ft (2m and 3m).

This snake is rated high on the viciousness scale. It hunts on the ground as well as in trees, which makes it a formidable opponent because of its cunning.

Its neurotoxic venom causes severe pain 10 minutes after injection and can be fatal after 20 minutes.

We can add another trophy to its list of achievements, that of the fastest snake in the world. Indeed, it is able to reach up to 12mph (19km/h). On top of that, this species is very aggressive.

With all these factors, it is by far the deadliest snake in the world.

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7. Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake (Crotalus Adamanteus)

Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnak

This species deserves its place in our ranking. It is considered the most dangerous venomous snake in North America.

With the longest fangs of all rattlesnakes, with a size of 1 in (2.5cm), it is capable of injecting enough venom to kill three men in one bite.

Its venom has a dual action as it contains both a crotalase enzyme of the thrombin type. This enzyme is able to coagulate fibrinogen and then activate plasminogen from endothelial cells.

The largest specimen observed measured 6.5ft (2m). Its weight of 33lbs (15kg) is certainly the factor that made us place this snake in seventh position.

6. Eastern Indigo Snake (Drymarchon Couperi)

Eastern Indigo Snake

Located on the coasts of Georgia, Florida, Mississippi and Alabama, the Eastern Indigo Snake is the longest snake in North America.

The largest recorded specimen measured 8ft (2.5m). When this snake feels threatened, it flattens its neck to look bigger (as if it wasn’t already big enough).

5. Titanoboa Cerrejonensis

Titanoboa Cerrejonensis

This snake is an ancestor among snakes. It lived more than 60 million years ago. It is considered the largest snake that ever existed.

Fossils of this reptile have been found in the coal mines in Colombia … It was more than 40 ft long (12m) and weighed more than 2491lbs (1130kg). Incredible, isn’t it?

According to scientists, the Titanoboa was the most important predator of its time. It is often compared to the Anaconda because it seems that it had the same behavior as the latter.

The structure of its jaw composed of many teeth shows that it must have had facilities to catch fish. This reptile was even able to swallow crocodiles of 10ft (3m) or turtles of 5ft (1.5m) in diameter.

Since this species is totally extinct today, we did not place it in the first position. However, it deserves to appear in our ranking.

4. Bushmasters (Lachesis)

This species is the most venomous of America. The atypical shape of its head is often compared to that of a coffin… certainly to remind how dangerous it is.

Even if it prefers to flee from the fight, this snake is particularly sensitive and does not hesitate to change direction if it feels disturbed. Moreover, it is often described as being very aggressive, easily excitable and unpredictable.

This reptile has heat detection pits on each side of its head, like infrared sensors.

It too has a good track record, as it is responsible for 78% of fatal snake bites in Venezuela.

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3. Burmese Python (Python Bivittatus)

The majority of pythons found in the Everglades are Burmese Pythons. This species is very popular with terrariums.

The largest specimen captured was nearly 16ft (5m). The heaviest of them was a Python in Florida that was killed in 2012 and weighed 163lbs (74kg).

2. Green Anaconda (Eunectes Murinus)

Green Anaconda

We couldn’t make this top 10 without talking about the Green Anaconda.

This snake is the largest of its species, reaching a height of 28ft (9m) and a weight of 507lbs (230kg).

According to reports, a 32ft (10m) Anaconda has been spotted in Brazil, but these rumors have never been confirmed.

Its muscular and imposing body makes it difficult to move on the ground. On the other hand, it is an excellent and extremely stealthy swimmer in the water.

The food of this snake is varied … But the most impressive is that it can swallow very big animals, like Jaguars.

As with many species, the females are bigger than the males.

An amazing fact about this snake concerns its reproduction. The female keeps the eggs inside her and gives birth to live babies. As the mother doesn’t feed for about 7 months (time of gestation), she eats the babies that don’t survive the birth. Here is a proof that snakes do not have feelings.

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1. Reticulated Python (Malayopython Reticulatus)

Reticulated Python

Indeed, the Green Anaconda is the largest snake in the world … but in terms of weight. The largest snake shot was a 30ft (9m) reticulated python in 1912.

A more recent specimen is called Medusa, a Reticulated Python that resides in the Edge of Hell haunted house in Kansas City. Medusa measures 23ft (7m) and weighs over 353lbs (160kg).


With this fascinating information, our ranking of the world’s largest snakes comes to an end. If you’ve read this far, it’s you’re definitely intrigued by snakes It’s a good thing we are too! We created Snake Dream™ with the goal of sharing our passion for these reptiles. In addition to being symbolic animals, snakes are at the center of current fashion. Enjoy a wide selection of Snake Jewelry, Clothing and Accessories on our online store.

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