Drawing a snake may seem complicated because of their long wavy body and very detailed face. In this guide, you will learn how to draw a snake easily in a few steps. To complete this tutorial, all you will need is a sheet of paper, a pencil and an eraser, and possibly colored pencils or markers for a better finish.

Anatomy of the snake

First of all, you have to analyze the anatomy of the animal to better visualize it before drawing it. The snake has an elongated cylindrical body with no visible limbs.

This reptile is a vertebrate animal composed of a tegument covered with scales. These are welded together and are protected by a thick horny layer. It also has eyes without eyelids, a bifid tongue and an articulated skull. Their jaws are also connected by ligaments, allowing their mouths to expand when they swallow prey.

The spine of the snake is made up of 160 to 400 vertebrae (depending on the species) well articulated from each other. It is this specificity that allows the undulation of their body when they move.

How To Draw A Snake Step by Step ?

To draw a snake, start by making a sketch to determine the proportions of the animal. Don’t press too hard with your pencil, so you can erase more easily later if needed. Start by making light, smooth strokes.

First Step: Start by drawing the snake’s head in a small to medium sized circle. Then draw a curve that will determine the shape of the body.

How To Draw A Snake First Step

Second Step: Draw the structure of the head

How To Draw A Snake Second Step

Third Step: Draw its eye. Then draw the nasal cavity with two small lines. Also take the opportunity to draw the tongue in the form of a fork. Don’t forget the separation at the end of it for a better realism.

How To Draw A Snake Third Step

Fourth Step: Draw the body of the snake starting from the upper part of the head. Then go down to the middle of the body following the sketch made at the beginning.

How To Draw A Snake Fourth Step

Fifth Step: Join your two curves to form the tail. To finish, you just have to erase the lines of the sketch.

How To Draw A Snake Fifth Step

Final Step: Your drawing is finished! For more realism, you can then add colors or effects such as shadows … You can also add elements of decor around him if you feel like an artist.

How To Draw A Snake Last Step

You now know how to draw a snake !

How to Draw a Cobra ?

We are now going to make a second tutorial that will allow you this time to draw a Cobra. This snake has a hood on the upper part of its body, which makes it a different specimen from a “traditional” snake.

First Step: Start by making the head of the Cobra. To do this, draw a small oval at the top of your paper.

How To Draw a Cobra First Step

Second Step: Below the head, draw another larger oval that fits into the head you drew earlier. This step will form the cap of the snake.

How To Draw a Cobra Second Step

Third Step: Start drawing the body of the cobra by drawing a wavy line under the hood.

How To Draw a Cobra Third Step

You have completed the first sketch of your snake design. Now we’ll move on to the finishing touches for more realism.

Fourth Step: Draw the Cobra’s eye on the top of its head. Then add a smaller circle in the eye to make the pupil.

How To Draw a Cobra Fourth Step

Fifth Step: Draw the nasal cavity by making a small line under the eye, slightly off to the right. Then make a curved line to form the mouth of the Cobra.

How To Draw a Cobra Fifth Step

Sixth Step: Go back to the oval shape of his head by pressing harder. Then draw a few lines from under the snake’s jaw to give relief and depth to its head.

How To Draw a Cobra Sixth Step

Seventh Step: Now go back over its hood. Use the extension of the Cobra’s oval head to draw the hood. The width of the cap depends on how you want the snake to look. Make it bigger if you want it to look more threatening.

How To Draw a Cobra Seventh Step

Eighth Step: Use the line from your sketch to make the rest of the body. Just follow the line until you get to the tail which will be thinner.

How To Draw a Cobra Eighth Step

Ninth Step: For a cleaner look, try to erase as much as you can of the guidelines you made at the beginning. You are almost at the end of your design !

How To Draw a Cobra Ninth Step

Last Step: Add shading to give your Royal Cobra design a more realistic look. Use varying degrees of pressure on your pencil to make these shadows darker. Make small strokes in the shadows to create a scaly effect on the snake’s body.

How To Draw a Cobra Last Step

How To Draw a Rattlesnake ?


That’s it ! You can now draw a snake easily! Feel free to give us your feedback on this tutorial in the comments. We’d love to hear your tips for making it even better. Send us your best designs on our Instagram account @snakedreamofficial. We will repost each of your designs.

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