The Giant Anaconda, with its scientific name Eunectes murinus, is one of the most feared snakes in the world by man, especially because of its reputation as a “man-eater“.

In this article, we are going to tell you 8 facts about the Anaconda, which is the source of many legends.

1. Its size can reach 30ft (9m)

Although the Reticulated Python is longer, reaching up to 33ft (10m), the Green Anaconda is bigger and heavier. This is why it is considered the biggest snake in the world. In fact, it can weigh up to 286lbs (130kg) and measure up to 30ft (9m). Several accounts claim that anacondas of 15 to 20 meters long exist, but none of them have been confirmed to this day.

In the Green Anaconda, the female is the most imposing. The male almost never exceeds 16ft (5m).

2. It has very few predators

In reality, apart from man, the Green Anaconda has only two predators in its natural environment, with which it can sometimes lead a formidable fight: the black caiman and the jaguar.

3. It is the most widespread species of Anaconda in the world

Green Anaconda Amazon Basin

In addition to being the largest species of Anaconda, this species is also the most widespread in the world. The most populated place by this snake is the Amazon Basin.

4. Its life expectancy is similar to that of humans

The lifespan of the Green Anaconda is between 50 and 80 years, depending on the specimen and the space in which it evolves. Nevertheless, it is important to know that few juveniles survive after birth. Indeed, from their youngest age, the juveniles are released in the nature and must very quickly manage by themselves. However, their small size makes them vulnerable to many predators who do not hesitate to kill them.

5. It chokes its prey to eat them

The Green Anaconda is a member of the constrictor snake family, which means that it smothers its prey before ingesting it. Without sharp teeth, it sinks its fangs into its prey to immobilize it by wrapping its heavy and muscular body around it. Generally, it ends up taking it to the bottom of the water to drown it.

However, note that its hunting technique is a little different when he is young. Indeed, its body being less heavy, he positions himself on tree branches to let himself fall on his prey when it passes under him.

As an adult, the Green Anaconda only lets its head protrude from the water and waits patiently for its prey to approach it.

Its diet consists of rodents and birds that it catches at night. Its large body also allows it to swallow larger animals, such as a dog, a tapir or another snake.

6. This snake is aquatic

Native to the Amazon, the Green Anaconda spends its time in the water, mainly in Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Brazil, Bolivia, Guyana, Venezuela or Paraguay. It can remain immersed for more than 15 minutes under water without breathing.

It spends very little time on dry land because its heavy body does not allow it to move easily. Moreover, he is often attacked by ticks when he gets out of the water.

However, it still likes to get out of the water to rest or digest its meal (which can last several weeks depending on the size of the prey).

 Green Anaconda Prey

7. It can stop feeding for two years

This fact may seem unbelievable, but the Green Anaconda is able to stop feeding for two years.

8. It is not a “Man-eater”

There have been many reports of a human being being swallowed by a Green Anaconda. However, these have never been verified.

Moreover, these accounts seem to be less credible because this species of snake is known to be much less aggressive than a Reticulated Python, which itself rarely attacks humans.

Even if the physical appearance of this reptile may lead us to believe that it is capable of swallowing a child or a teenager, these rumors are false.

If you want to know more about this fascinating snake, we have written a complete article about the Green Anaconda.

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